I can't pay! "Error processing your request" on payment page, "Could not deserialize result from HTTP invoker"

Issue #9901 resolved
Björn Pettersson
created an issue


  • I'm not actually doing this as a company but I should just put my name in the Company name box
  • I guessed a character in my name might be considered offensive, so I replaced it with a character without umlauts, but the error message still said \u00f6... hm. And the input box got auto-filled with my name with umlauts (maybe it got there from my Bitbucket wide settings?)

ERR:1.0/private/bitbucket/account/768759a2-4873-494e-bb14-d9d3833f1546/updateCreditCard:There was an error processing your request.-{u'errorKey': u'unknown', u'uuid': u'70f5d125-b152-4f8d-9064-11c1276ae4b0', u'errorDetail': u'RemoteAccessException: Could not deserialize result from HTTP invoker remote service [http://hams.intsys.atlassian.com/remoting/1.0/ExternalAccountManagementService]; nested exception is java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.atlassian.crowd.exception.OperationFailedException', u'error': u'There was an error processing your request.'}-{"creditCardToken": "REMOVED", "creditCardName": "Bj\u00f6rn Pettersson", "creditCardExpiryYear": "REMOVED", "creditCardExpiryMonth": "REMOVED", "creditCardMaskedNumber": "REMOxxxxxxVED", "creditCardType": "VISA"}

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