Repository size not updated after cleaning

Issue #9904 resolved
kepka ludovic
created an issue

One of my repository : has reach the soft limit of 1Gb.

i followed this tutorial : and removing the big folder. but the message "This repository's size is over 1 Gio. Read more on how to reduce the size of your repository." is still displaying.

when i make a "git count-objects -v" I have this result : count: 0 size: 0 in-pack: 10435 packs: 1 size-pack: 339497 prune-packable: 0 garbage: 0

So it use 340Mio. isn't it ?

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  1. Abhin Chhabra staff


    I have run an aggressive gc on your repo and the size is still 1.6G. Here is the output from my run of `git count-objects -v' on your repo:

    $ git count-objects -vH
    count: 0
    size: 0 bytes
    in-pack: 42816
    packs: 1
    size-pack: 1.55 GiB
    prune-packable: 0
    garbage: 0
    size-garbage: 0 bytes

    As far as I can tell, your repo is still fairly large. Aggressive gc should usually get rid of any objects that are no longer referenced, but that did not happen in your case.

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