Add repository setting to (by default) ignore certain file types/extensions in diff viewer.

Issue #9912 wontfix
Patrick White
created an issue

For example, I have auto generated UI 'config' text files that can be 1000s of lines long. Some commits I have dozens of these changed, and normally i don't care about them.

I think you could save a pile of processing speed & improve responsiveness if you give option to not even try to load the diff of certain file types ( but if you click the button like "click here to try to load it" it would load )

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  1. Abhin Chhabra staff

    Thank you for the feedback @Patrick White. Normally, it is assumed that if you have a file in your repo that is auto-generated by another program that you don't care for, you add it to your .gitignore. This document explains gitignore files very well. Having a good gitignore will make sure that your commit only contain files that you care for (while also saving us some processing). There are many other benefits to using a good gitignore that I'm not going to iterate here, but they are worth the initial investment 😄

    I'm going to mark this issue as wontfix because we have a mechanism to not generate very large diffs. For example, if you have a very large pull-request, you would notice that we only generate the diffs for some initial files while having a button equivalent to "click there to load diff" for all the other files.

  2. Patrick White reporter

    Thanks for the reply @Abhin Chhabra . I am aware and use gitignore files all the time. The problem is the auto-generated files are not scriptable, and only can be generated on an OSX platform using some adobe tools. However we want cross platform builds, and I don't want restrictions on our developers to do more than a clone. The generated files are all small (<5KB) text and binary (google-protobuf) files, and so committing them is a perfectly reasonable part of our workflow.

    Anyways, I understand not wanting to fix a minor issue like this for a single customers workflow, I just thought it may help make more meaningful PRs, and would actually reduce server load to actively ignore certain file types.

  3. Patrick White reporter

    Specifically I run into this very frequently... It says diff is too big, and then when i click to try and load it just gives up... Please don't try to load the first ones just cause my assets/ directory is alphabetically before my src/ files.

    Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 6.32.36 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 6.32.45 PM.png

  4. Matt Finlay

    This would also be helpful to our workflow. While it would be ideal to be able to auto-generate all files during the build process, sometimes it is difficult, and it makes the diffs very unreadable.

  5. Jeremy Goodwin

    @Abhin Chhabra, for c# updating the .gitignore isn't a suitable solution. Lots of classes within c# are generated automatically via Visual Studio / Resharper / an other plugin, which are required within the source code of the product, however we wouldn't want to review them as part of a pull request. For example resx files within c# - we'd want to view the actual content of the resx (myResource.resx) but not the autogenerated code Visual Studio generates to enable a resx file to be used - the myResource.Designer.cs class file.

    Is it possible to have this request re-opened please?

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