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Issue #9919 resolved

All members are the only administrator and nobody can leave team (BB-10972)

K‌arol Wrótniak
created an issue

When I try to leave a team I receive an error:

You are the only administrator of this team.

Unfortunately I'm not an admin. Other member of that team has the same problem. Team: https://bitbucket.org/project_1-ondemand

Comments (11)

  1. Abhin Chhabra staff

    Hi K‌arol Wrótniak

    It seems that there is no admin in the team. That could be related to the issue. I also see that one (and only one) user has been sent an invitation to the admin group of the team and that user has not accepted the invitation. (The user seems to be a gmail address for your jenkins server). I suspect this issue can be resolved by someone in your team logging into that jenkins gmail account and accepting the invitation to be the admin.

    I'm going to mark this issue as resolved. Please reopen the issue if the above mentioned solution does not help.

  2. K‌arol Wrótniak reporter

    There is/was several jenkins servers. Should we guess what the e-mail was? What to do if nobody have credentials to that account and mailbox does not exist anymore? It is not a solution. I should be able to leave the team unless I am REAL last admin. Moreover message is wrong because I am not an admin.

    On the other hand, does team with no real admin have any sense? Last real admin should not be able to leave even there is a pending admin invitation.

  3. Abhin Chhabra staff

    Hi K‌arol Wrótniak

    I apologize for the inconvenience. I've been talking to some coworkers and it seems like this is a bug in our system. Because of that, I'll create an internal issue.

    To solve your immediate problems, we have the following options:

    1. You can log into the account of the admin and accept the invitation. I will send you the email address of the admin in a private message.
    2. If you are unable to log into that email address, please send me an alternate email address using a private message and I'll invite that user to be the admin.

    Again, I am sorry you had to encounter this bug. I hope this helps.

  4. K‌arol Wrótniak reporter

    Zachary Davis Abhin Chhabra the main problem of this issue has been fixed but there are unresolved details. As Abhin Chhabra said in p. 2.: https://bitbucket.org/site/master/issues/9919/all-members-are-the-only-administrator-and#comment-11197938 he should resend an invitation but I've noticed no invitation on that account.

    Is it intended behavior or a bug? If it is intended what exactly happened? Team became adminless, you have set someone else as an admin?

  5. Zachary Davis

    K‌arol Wrótniak I took a look and the team in question still has no admin. I'm re-resolving this issue because the bug that was preventing users from leaving a team has been fixed. For individual account assistance (eg, dealing with the fact that your team has no admin) I would recommend contacting support@bitbucket.org, as they're better equipped to help with these sorts of problems.

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