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Issue #9941 invalid

Issue cannot be edited when japanese + "vote" is included in a issue title. (BB-10977)

Hiroaki Kumada
created an issue

I found bug to bitbucket issue.
Issue cannot be edited when japanese + "vote" or "follow" is included in a issue title.

title example

  • テストvote
  • 日本語vote
  • vote機能を実装する
  • followを実装する
  • 他のユーザをfollow

Comments (12)

  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Bitbucket uses slugs to represent the title's of issues in URLs. These slugs can only be ASCII lowercase characters, underscores and hyphens. When converting titles to slugs, we strip all characters, in groups, and replace them with the hyphen character. The result is that titles such as vote機能を実装する will be converted to the slug 'vote', which may clash with an existing site URL for POST'ing votes to an issue. The same is true for follow.

    However, this should not, and has not caused an issue with editing in our testing. If you can provide exact steps to reproduce the inability to edit in the browser or via the API, please open a new issue with those steps. Note that when using the API and in using URLs in the browser, you do not need to include the slug as the issue id will allow you to find the issue.

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