Unwatch transfered private repo (BB-10994)

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Ed Pelc created an issue

Hello if you own a private repo and are watching it then transfer it to another account the only way to unwatch it is to grant yourself access to the repo through the other account then unwatch it then remove access. This is only a problem with private repos because you need access to it to unwatch it or else it will still show up in your profile feed and other places on your account.

My suggestion is that if it is a private repo when you transfer it you should automatically stop watching it. You wont see updates anymore anyways since you wont have access anymore.

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  1. Jonathan Zahedieh

    Same here too, can see ex employers private repo that I watched, I can see their readme and when the last updated the repo.

  2. Alejandro Exojo

    +1. I'm affected too. I can't see any content, though, but I see repos I no longer have access to in the dashboard. If one is revoked access probably should get the "watching" flag removed too. Thank you.

  3. Louis Cheung

    I just found away around this. Under Manage Account -> Notifications, there is a list of watched repositories. You can choose to un-watch repos there.

  4. Atlassian Bitbucket

    This issue has been closed due to inactivity. If you continue to see problems, please reopen or create a new issue.

  5. Yerzhan Massalin

    Im seeing huge amount of projects/repositories which I was participating and then I quit or transferred them. After recent update of bitbucket I started seeing them in dashboard. Which is really annoying becuase I can't find mine there (it takes time). I opened those repositories or teams and I dont see how I could unwatch them

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