API v2 converts non-ASCII characters in repo name to hyphen

Issue #9978 invalid
John Garcia
created an issue

When creating a repository via the API with slug: label-test and name: label/test, the name of the created repository is "label-test" and not the expected "label/test" I can create repositories via the bitbucket website as "label/test" without trouble; the slug is converted to "label-test" as expected and leaves the name intact. Here is the full API request:

POST /2.0/repositories/LabelInteractive/label-sample
Host: api.bitbucket.org
scm: git
name: label/sample
fork_policy: no_public_forks
is_private: 1
User-Agent: Guzzle/3.9.1 curl/7.30.0 PHP/5.5.9

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