Issue #9995 resolved

Cannot delete repository because importing failed (SVN). Would like to re-import.

Thiago Mendes
created an issue

I'm trying to import some of my repositories and these gave error:

13:08:57 svn import is: 13:08:57 Checking out ... 13:08:58 svn: OPTIONS of '': authorization failed: Could not authenticate to server: rejected Basic challenge (http://dharma.adaptivesoft. 81) 13:08:58 svn checkout failed:% s:% s

When I have success in an import, I can delete the repository.

Please, how can I delete these that are in error? they are:

adaptivethiago / Framework    adaptivethiago / newControleLicenca    adaptivethiago / thiago    adaptivethiago / 123465    adaptivethiago / test    adaptivethiago / ControleLicenca    adaptivethiago / Quality

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