Inconsistency in the menu

Issue #9 resolved
Vetle Leinonen-Roeim
created an issue

When I hover "Repositories" it the top menu, I see the "create new" link. However, the Repositories page does not contain any information about my own repositories.

My gut feeling when I saw the "create new" link, was that I could go to the Repositories page to create a new repository (which I did, since there seems to be some bug that makes the "create new" link disappear too soon).

So, to avoid confusion and keep the menu and page structure consistent, it might be a good idea to either 1) remove "create new" from the dropdown menu or 2) expand the repositories page to also include information on the users repositories and how to create a new one.

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  1. Eirik Stavem

    I'll add my vote for option 2 :)

    - Add a "My Repositories"-section above "Public Repositories" (when authed) - Add a button next to "My Repositories"-header to create new repo.

    The /repo/create/-page already contains info, so I guess that should be enough?

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