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Welcome to Bitbucket’s public issue tracker. You can create bug reports, feature requests, and communicate directly with Bitbucket Staff.

Community Guidelines

If you chose to participate and create issues on Bitbucket’s public issue tracker, please follow these guidelines in all your correspondence:

  • Respect — Please be respectful of everyone. Keep in mind that everyone has a right to their own perspective. It’s easy for that to get lost in translation. Please take a minute to understand where someone is coming from and try to be helpful instead of negative. Comments that are disrespectful will be removed or marked as spam.

  • Privacy — Your contributions to the issue tracker are available to the general public. Please do not post any personally-identifiable information that may compromise your identity or your data.

  • Legal — Please don’t post anything that’s against the law or that promotes illegal practices e.g. hacking or piracy.

Please read our Acceptable Use Policy for more information.

Reporting Bugs

Bugs reported on this issue tracker are triaged and handled by the Bitbucket engineering team. When reporting bugs, be aware of our priority definitions, which we follow to keep bug reports properly categorized. We may edit the priorities of existing bugs from time to time in accordance with these definitions.

Thank you for your help with building Bitbucket.