Repo of project app_thunderboardToArtik

This project purposed to implement sample for work the Thunderboard Sense kit and the ARTIK 5 over Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy).

Script connects to Thunderboard Sense Kit and start periodical reading of the SW1:

  • If SW1 was pressed then GPIO121 (Arduino pin "2") pull up (for test used Grove Buzzer);

  • If SW1 was pressed then GPIO121 (Arduino pin "2") pull down (for test used Grove Buzzer).

For additional info please check articles for this repo - on Russian and English respectively.

Who designed this

Designed by Lab409:

  • Danil Borchevkin -


2-Clause BSD License

What included

  • ./app_thunderboardToArtik.js - main Node.JS script;

  • ./config.js - config file for script. Included settings for buzzer pins and Thunderboard Sense Kit name and address;

  • ./ - this file;

How to adapt the script for your Thunderboard Sense Kit and start it

  1. Install dependencies as mentioned on the article for Fedora:

    dnf install bluez bluez-libs bluez-libs-devel git npdejs npm

    npm install noble artik-sdk

  2. Pair your kit with Artik 5 by bluetoothctl as mentioned in the article.

  3. Clone this repo and go to this catalog:

    git clone

    cd app_thunderboardToArtik

  4. Change a device address and device name in config.js

  5. Start the script:

    node app_thunderboardToArtik.js

  6. Press on SW1 for change state of the kit to "connectable". The script will connect to your kit.

  7. That's all!



  • No reconnect to Thunderboard Sense if connection was lost

Additional info


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