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adjusted protocol buffers port for riakc

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         $(foreach dev,$^,\
         $(foreach dep,$(wildcard deps/*), rm -rf dev/$(dev)/lib/$(shell basename $(dep))-* && ln -sf $(abspath $(dep)) dev/$(dev)/lib;))
-devrel: dev1 dev2 dev3
+devrel: dev1
 dev1 dev2 dev3:
 	mkdir -p dev


 %% etc/app.config
+{web_ip,            ""}.
+{web_port,          8000}.
+{pb_ip,             ""}.
+{pb_port,           8084}.
 {sasl_error_log,    "log/sasl-error.log"}.
 {sasl_log_dir,      "log/sasl"}.


 %% etc/vm.args
-{node,         "endev2@"}.
+{node,         "ebdev2@"}.
 %% bin/earlybrew
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