OJ Reeves  committed 99c967b

Copied the from the capinerlang folder and put it in the main root folder for earlybrew, renamed it
Modified the file so that it pulls cappuccino to the deps folder in the appropriate spot.
Modified it so that it pulls from the git repo for cappuccino if the files are already there, otherwise it clones the repo.

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 	rm -rf rel/earlybrew
 bootstrap: deps
-	@./deps/capinerlang/
+	@./


+$(rm -fr cappuccino-dist)
+if [ -d cappuccino/.git ]; then
+  cd cappuccino
+  git pull
+  cd ..
+  git clone
+fi &&
+cd cappuccino &&
+./ &&
+jake install &&
+jake release &&
+jake debug