henrietta-cache / henrietta-cache.scm

Diff from to


       ;; Some people extract to the current directory, some include the
       ;; directory
       (let* ((contents (directory tmp-dir))
-             (contents-dir (if (= 1 (length contents))
-                               (make-pathname tmp-dir (car contents))
-                               tmp-dir))
+             (contents-dir (match contents
+                             ;; Silly pax archives contain this bogus entry.
+                             ;; Some pax-aware tar(1)s skip it, others don't.
+                             ((or (dir "pax_global_header")
+                                  ("pax_global_header" dir)
+                                  (dir))
+                              (make-pathname tmp-dir dir))
+                             (else tmp-dir)))
              (cmd (sprintf "mv ~A/* ~A" (qs contents-dir) (qs cache-dir)))
              (status (system cmd)))
         (unless (zero? status)
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