1. Peter Bex
  2. henrietta-cache


henrietta-cache / henrietta-cache.scm

(use utils posix http-client matchable uri-common srfi-1 chicken-syntax)

(define (usage code)
  (print #<#EOF
usage: henrietta-cache [OPTION ...]

  -h   -help                    show this message
  -c   -cache-dir CACHEDIR      put egg cache in this dir, defaults to "cache"
  -e   -egg-list  EGGLIST       file containing the master list of available
                                eggs, defaults to "egg-locations". Can be an URI
  -i   -init-file INITFILE      a file to load before starting the process

Henrietta-cache will download cached copies of each egg listed in the file


(define *cache-directory* "cache")
(define *egg-list* "egg-locations")
(define *chicken-release* (##sys#fudge 41))
(define *init-file* #f)

(define download-release-success-hook
  (make-parameter #f))

(define download-release-error-hook
  (make-parameter #f))

(define read-release-info-file-error-hook
  (make-parameter #f))

(define hooks
  `((download-release-success . ,download-release-success-hook)
    (download-release-error   . ,download-release-error-hook)
    (read-release-info-file-error . ,read-release-info-file-error-hook)))

(define (run-hook hook-name . args)
  (and-let* ((hook (or (alist-ref hook-name hooks)
                       (error "invalid hook" hook-name)))
             (hook (hook)))
        (apply hook args)
      (exn ()
           (print-error-message exn
                                (sprintf "Error running hook `~A'" hook-name))
           (flush-output (current-error-port))))))

;; This works on raw URI strings, not URI objects (for now?)
(define (replace-uri-patterns uri patterns)
  (string-translate* uri (map (lambda (pattern)
                                (cons (conc "{" (car pattern) "}")
                                      (uri-encode-string (->string (cdr pattern)))))

;; We could also use sendfile egg here, but do we want the dependency?
(define (copy-port in out #!optional limit)
  (let ((bufsize 1024))
   (let loop ((data (read-string (min (or limit bufsize) bufsize) in)))
     (unless (string-null? data)
             (display data out)
             (when limit (set! limit (- limit (string-length data))))
             (loop (read-string (min (or limit bufsize) bufsize) in))))))

(define (call-with-output-pipe* cmd proc)
  (let ([p (open-output-pipe cmd)])
    (proc p)
    (unless (zero? (close-output-pipe p))
      (error "Got an error while executing command " cmd))))

(define (pipe-from-http uri cmd)
       uri #f (lambda (i) (call-with-output-pipe*
                           (lambda (o) (copy-port i o)))))
    (e (exn http)
       (error (sprintf "Could not download ~A -- ~A"
                       uri (get-condition-property e 'exn 'message))))))

(define (download-files-from-list base-uri files cache-dir)
  (let ((tmp-dir (create-temporary-directory))
         (lambda (f)
           (let* ((components (string-split f "/"))
                  (rel (update-uri (uri-reference "") path: components)))
             (uri-relative-to rel base-uri)))))
    (handle-exceptions exn
        (begin (system (sprintf "rm -rf ~A" (qs tmp-dir)))
               (signal exn))
       (lambda (file)
         (printf "\t\t~A...\n" file)
         (and-let* ((dirname (pathname-directory file))
                    (directory (make-pathname tmp-dir dirname)))
           (unless (file-exists? directory)
             (create-directory directory #t)))
              (add-to-uri file) #f
              (lambda (i)
                    (make-pathname tmp-dir file)
                  (lambda (o) (copy-port i o)))))
           (e (exn http)
              (error (sprintf
                         (conc "Could not download file \"~A\", "
                               "listed in meta-file/files-list (full URI: ~A) -- ~A")
                       file (uri->string (add-to-uri file))
                       (get-condition-property e 'exn 'message))))))
      (create-directory cache-dir #t)
      (let* ((cmd (sprintf "mv ~A/* ~A" (qs tmp-dir) (qs cache-dir)))
             (status (system cmd)))
        (unless (zero? status)
          (error "Got an error executing command" cmd))
        (system (sprintf "rm -rf ~A" (qs tmp-dir)))))))

;; Make-cmd is a lambda which accepts the temporary file- and dirname
;; and returns a suitable command to execute using SYSTEM
(define (download-and-extract type uri cache-dir make-cmd)
  (let ((tmp-dir (create-temporary-directory))
        (tmp-file (create-temporary-file)))
    (handle-exceptions exn
          (delete-file tmp-file)
          (system (sprintf "rm -rf ~A" (qs tmp-dir)))
          (signal exn))
           uri #f (lambda (i) (call-with-output-file tmp-file
                                (lambda (o) (copy-port i o)))))
        (e (exn http)
           (error (sprintf "Could not fetch ~A-file ~A -- ~A"
                    type uri (get-condition-property e 'exn 'message)))))
      (let* ((cmd (make-cmd tmp-file tmp-dir))
             (status (system cmd)))
        (unless (zero? status)
          (error "Got an error executing command" cmd)))
      (create-directory cache-dir #t)
      ;; Some people extract to the current directory, some include the
      ;; directory
      (let* ((contents (directory tmp-dir))
             (contents-dir (match contents
                             ;; Silly pax archives contain this bogus entry.
                             ;; Some pax-aware tar(1)s skip it, others don't.
                             ((or (dir "pax_global_header")
                                  ("pax_global_header" dir)
                              (make-pathname tmp-dir dir))
                             (else tmp-dir)))
             (cmd (sprintf "mv ~A/* ~A" (qs contents-dir) (qs cache-dir)))
             (status (system cmd)))
        (unless (zero? status)
          (error "Got an error executing command" cmd))
        (delete-file tmp-file)
        (system (sprintf "rm -rf ~A" (qs tmp-dir)))))))

(define (download-release distribution-file-type uri cache-dir)
  (case distribution-file-type
    ((targz tarbz2 zip)
      distribution-file-type uri cache-dir
      (lambda (archive dir)
        ;; Instead of messing about with tar, zcat, bzcat, unzip etc,
        ;; we should use libarchive.
        (case distribution-file-type
          ((targz) (sprintf "(cd ~A && zcat ~A | tar xf -)" (qs dir) (qs archive)))
          ((tarbz2) (sprintf "(cd ~A && bzcat ~A | tar xf -)" (qs dir) (qs archive)))
          ((zip) (sprintf "unzip -d ~A -o -qq ~A" (qs dir) (qs archive)))
          (else (error (sprintf "Unknown archive type `~S' (shouldn't happen!)"
         (let* ((meta (car (call-with-input-request uri #f read-file)))
                (files (alist-ref 'files meta)))
           (unless files
             (error "No \"files\" entry found in meta file" uri))
           (download-files-from-list (uri-reference uri) files cache-dir))
       (e (exn http)
          (error (sprintf "Could not download meta-file \"~A\" -- ~A\n"
                          uri (get-condition-property e 'exn 'message))))))
         (let ((lines (call-with-input-request uri #f read-lines)))
           (when (null? lines)
             (error "Empty files-list file" uri))
	   (let* ((original-uri (uri-reference (car lines)))
                  (path (uri-path original-uri))
                  ;; Ensure base URI is seen as a directory so relative refs
                  ;; are always appended
                  (base-uri (update-uri original-uri
                                        path: (if (string=? "" (last path))
                                                  `(,@path ""))))
                  ;; This works around a strange thing (another one, sigh)
                  ;; that apache-served stuff causes http-client to see an
                  ;; extra \r after the end.  Look into this!
		  (files (delete "" (cdr lines))))
             (download-files-from-list base-uri files cache-dir)))
       (e (exn http)
          (error (sprintf "Could not download files-list \"~A\" -- ~A\n"
                          uri (get-condition-property e 'exn 'message))))))
    (else (error "Unknown distribution file type" distribution-file-type))))

(define (download-all-release-files egg-name uris/releases uris)
  (let ((egg-cache-dir (make-pathname *cache-directory* (->string egg-name))))
    (for-each (lambda (uri/releases)
                (and-let* ((uri-alias (car uri/releases))
                           (uri-info (alist-ref uri-alias uris))
                           (type (car uri-info))
                           (uri-template (cadr uri-info)))
                   (lambda (egg-release)
                     (let ((cache-dir (make-pathname (list egg-cache-dir "tags")
                       (unless (file-exists? cache-dir)
                         (let* ((patterns `((egg-name . ,egg-name)
                                            (egg-release . ,egg-release)
                                            (chicken-release . ,*chicken-release*)))
                                (uri (replace-uri-patterns uri-template patterns)))
                           (printf "\tDownloading release ~A from ~A\n"
                                   egg-release uri)
                           (handle-exceptions exn
                               (system (sprintf "rm -rf ~A" (qs cache-dir)))
                               (fprintf (current-error-port)
                                        "Error downloading or extracting egg '~A' release ~A: "
                                        egg-name egg-release)
                               (print-error-message exn (current-error-port))
                               (flush-output (current-error-port))
                               (run-hook 'download-release-error
                                         (get-condition-property exn 'exn 'message)))
                             (download-release type uri cache-dir)
                             (run-hook 'download-release-success egg-name egg-release))))))
                   (cdr uri/releases))))

(define (alist-add! key value alist)
  (alist-update! key (cons value (alist-ref key alist eq? '())) alist))

(define (read-release-info-file uri egg-name)
  (handle-exceptions exn
    (let ((message (get-condition-property exn 'exn 'message)))
      (fprintf (current-error-port)
               "Could not fetch release-info file for egg ~A from ~A -- ~A\n"
               egg-name uri message)
      (run-hook 'read-release-info-file-error egg-name uri message)
      (flush-output (current-error-port))
    (with-input-from-request uri #f read-file)))

(define (update-egg-cache)
  (when *init-file*
    (handle-exceptions exn
        (fprintf (current-error-port) "Error loading init file ~A:\n" *init-file*)
        (print-error-message exn (current-error-port)))
      (load *init-file*)))

   (lambda (egg)
     (let* ((egg-name (car egg))
            (egg-uri-template  (cadr egg))
            (patterns `((egg-name . ,egg-name)
                        (chicken-release . ,*chicken-release*)))
            (uri (replace-uri-patterns egg-uri-template patterns)))
       (printf "Caching egg '~A'\n" egg-name)
       (handle-exceptions exn
         (begin (fprintf (current-error-port) "----\n")
                (fprintf (current-error-port) "Error downloading egg ~A\n" egg-name)
                (print-error-message exn (current-error-port))
                (fprintf (current-error-port) "----\n")
                (flush-output (current-error-port)))
         (let collect-releases ((info (read-release-info-file uri egg-name))
                                (uris/releases '())
                                (uris '()))
           (if (null? info)
               (download-all-release-files egg-name uris/releases uris)
               ;; There must be a simpler way to encode optional values
               (match (car info)
                 (('uri type uri)       ; The "default" URI
                  (collect-releases (cdr info) uris/releases
                                    (alist-update! 'default (list type uri) uris)))
                 (('uri type uri alias)
                  (collect-releases (cdr info) uris/releases
                                    (alist-update! alias (list type uri) uris)))
                 (('release version)    ; For the "default" URI
                  (collect-releases (cdr info)
                                    (alist-add! 'default version uris/releases)
                 (('release version alias)
                  (collect-releases (cdr info)
                                    (alist-add! alias version uris/releases)
                 (else (collect-releases (cdr info) uris/releases uris))))))))
   (let ((uri (uri-reference *egg-list*)))
     (if (absolute-uri? uri)            ; Assume this is a http reference then
         (call-with-input-request uri #f read-file)
         (call-with-input-file *egg-list* read-file)))))

(define *short-options* '(#\h #\c #\e))

(define (main args)
  (let loop ((args args))
    (if (null? args)
        (let ((arg (car args)))
          (cond ((or (string=? arg "-help")
                     (string=? arg "-h")
                     (string=? arg "--help"))
                 (usage 0))
                ((or (string=? arg "-c") (string=? arg "-cache-dir"))
                 (unless (pair? (cdr args)) (usage 1))
                 (set! *cache-directory* (cadr args))
                 (loop (cddr args)))
                ((or (string=? arg "-e") (string=? arg "-egg-list"))
                 (unless (pair? (cdr args)) (usage 1))
                 (set! *egg-list* (cadr args))
                 (loop (cddr args)))
                ((or (string=? arg "-i") (string=? arg "-init-file"))
                 (unless (pair? (cdr args)) (usage 1))
                 (set! *init-file* (cadr args))
                 (loop (cddr args)))
                ((and (positive? (string-length arg))
                      (char=? #\- (string-ref arg 0)))
                 (if (> (string-length arg) 2)
                     (let ((sos (string->list (substring arg 1))))
                       (if (null? (lset-intersection eq? *short-options* sos))
                           (loop (append (map (cut string #\- <>) sos) (cdr args)))
                           (usage 1)))
                     (usage 1)))
                (else (loop (cdr args))))))))

(main (command-line-arguments))