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Not BSD but public domain

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File pseudo-meta-egg-info.meta

  (author "Peter Bex")
  (depends spiffy uri-common svn-client)
- (license "BSD")
+ (license "Public Domain")
  (files "pseudo-meta-egg-info.meta" "pseudo-meta-egg-info.release-info"
         "pseudo-meta-egg-info.scm" "pseudo-meta-egg-info.setup"))

File pseudo-meta-egg-info.scm

+;; pseudo-meta-egg-info - a Spiffy module for dynamically serving up
+;; autogenerated release-info and file-lists for eggs in Subversion repos.
+;; This code was written by Peter Bex and is hereby placed in the Public Domain
 (module pseudo-meta-egg-info
   (egg-repo release-info files-list)
                          (sprintf "Release \"~A\" for egg \"~A\" doesn't exist"
                                   egg-release egg-name))))
       (send-status 500 "No egg name or release given")))