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Write username/password for egg repo

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                  (egg-name (alist-ref 'egg params))
                  (egg-release (alist-ref 'release params))
                  (files-dir (update-uri (uri-reference "")
-                                        path: (list egg-name "tags" egg-release)))
+                                        path: (list egg-name "tags" egg-release "")))
                  (repo-uri (uri-reference (egg-repo)))
-                 (files-uri (update-uri (uri-relative-to files-dir repo-uri)
-                                        username: #f password: #f)))
-        (or (and-let* ((files (svn-ls (uri->string files-uri) '() ;; Needs recursion!
+                 (files-uri (update-uri (uri-relative-to files-dir repo-uri))))
+        (or (and-let* ((files (svn-ls (uri->string files-uri (constantly "")) '() ;; Needs recursion!
                                       (uri-username repo-uri)
                                       (uri-password repo-uri))))
               (with-headers '((content-type "text/plain"))
                 (lambda ()
+                  (display (uri->string files-uri
+                                        (lambda (u p) (conc u ":" p))) port)
+                  (newline port)
                   (for-each (lambda (f) (display (car f) port) (newline port)) files)
                   (close-output-port port))))
             (send-status 500
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