Peter Bex committed d3c7cae

Workaround for bug in 4.8.0 when loading scsh-process in compiled mode - it segfaults immediately. TODO: Figure out why

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 ;; -*- Scheme -*-
-(standard-extension 'scsh-process "0.2")
+;; Can't use standard-extension for now; 4.8.0's standard-extension uses -O3
+;; which implies -specialize.  This generates code that causes a segfault.
+(compile -s -O2 -d1 scsh-process.scm -j scsh-process)
+(compile -s -O2 -d0 scsh-process.import.scm)
+ 'scsh-process
+ '("" "")
+ '((version "0.2.1")))
-(include "../scsh-process.scm")
-(import scsh-process)
+#;(include "../scsh-process.scm")
+(use scsh-process)
 (use test posix srfi-13)
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