Peter Bex avatar Peter Bex committed fd47d30

Add wrapper for tests so we get a good summary at the end; also add trailing garbage for run/sexp's test

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 (use test posix)
+(test-begin "scsh-process")
 (test-group "Procedural interface"
   (test "Fork/pipe \"hello world\" example from SCSH reference manual"
         "Hello, world."
                (read-line (open-input-file* 0))))
   (test "run/string* returns a string output in a subprocess"
         "This is a test"
-        (run/string* (lambda () (display "This is a test")))))
+        (run/string* (lambda () (display "This is a test"))))
+  (test-error "run*/string* raises error if subprocess has nonzero exit status"
+              (run*/string* (lambda () (display "ohai") (exit 1)))))
 (test-group "Macro (EPF) interface"
   (delete-file* "outfile")              ; Leftovers from last run
     (test "Simple run/sexp"
           '("hi, there")
-          (run/sexp (echo "(\"hi, there\")")))
+          (run/sexp (echo "(\"hi, there\") trailing stuff is ignored")))
     (test "Simple run/sexps"
           '(("hi, there") (a b c))
 ;;       one from a subshell.  This happened before, but not sure how
 ;;       to detect this except running it manually from the REPL.
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