KD8RHO Utility Library

This is the KD8RHO utility library, designed to make commonly used methods more simple to use

Current Version: 1.9.1


1.9.2 Added getInnerDirectoryName() to Utility class.

1.9.2 Made Utility class methods static

1.9.1 Made TextMenu chainable. Added Utility class with small number of non-class-based convenience methods.

1.9.0 Added CommandLineArgumentParser and CommandLineArgument classes for dealing with command line arguments. Made SJIO method-chainable.

1.8.2 Fixed errors with get*() from SJIO causing the input to wait for an extra line...

1.8.1 Web class now stores last HTTP error it got. This allows the error to be retrieved by any application using the library

1.8.0 Added PairedList (docs) class This class stores a pair of ArrayLists, allowing you to compare two lists.

1.7.5 Changed capitalization of Web class. This will break old code. Changed Web output. Added getPreference to Annotation changes to Forced SJIO to use system line separator when printing out.

1.7.4 Add Name class to data

1.7.3 Minor bugfix for missing else in Preference

1.7.2 Fix bug with getInt in SJIO not behaving properly. Code cleanup

1.7.1 Fix bug with Preference not writing as it should. Improved Preference JavaDocs and Annotations

1.7 Added Preferences class to store and deal with user preferences

1.6.4: Added TextMenu.findOption() to find an option

1.6.3-41: Fixed NoClassDefError when initializing SJIO on Android devices (or contexts without the VM Manager class)


Added auto-log ability to SJIO. Also added ability to set debug mode (for uses where debug mode may not work such as Android)

Added contingency for escape characters in the log

Forcing writetolog and location static


Added writeToLogFile. Added ability to print output to log file

1.6.1 Allowed ability to set SJFIO charset. Default is UTF-8.

Assorted cleanup for

Assorted cleanup for

Assorted cleanup for

Assorted cleanup for

Assorted cleanup for

Added ability to get logfile location from SJIO

Added Credential and NotYetImplementedException classes, various other changes to SJIO



SJIO (SJ Input/Output) is a library which wraps and system.out It also implements error checking and input validation Example usage:

SJIO io=new SJIO();

io.writeLine("This writes a String");

int input=io.getInt();//This will get an int without any kind of prompt.

int input2=io.promptInt("Please input an int","Please input a valid int");//This will ask for an int, displaying the second string if a valid int is not found

int input3=io.promptInt("Please input an int between 2 and 3","Please input a valid int between 2 and 3",2,3)//This will ask for an int and verify it's between 2 and 3

int input4=io.promptInt("Please input an intbetween 1 and 5, or input -1 to exit","Please input a valid response",">0&<6|=-1")//This will ask for an int and verify it using a format string

Format Strings:

Format Strings are number verifications. There are 4 possible operators:

>:Greater than

<:Less than

=:Equal to

!:Not equal to

Formats can be chained using & for and and | for or A complex format string can be built using these directives, for example:



TextMenu is a text-based menu builder designed to build "main menus" and other text-based menus. Input validation is done automatically, allowing for very simple code.

Example Usage: TextMenu menu=new TextMenu("Main Menu",new String[] "Hello world","Exit");


would display:

Main Menu

1. Hello World

2. Exit



The Web library is a library designed to allow for easy reading of webpages into text files.

The web library will handle exceptions and return only an error message or valid data to the user. It can also use http authentication to log in prior to downloading.



returns the contents of textfile.txt as an ArrayList<String>