June 2018


Rebooting this .plan after a long absence. Again.

More work on switching to Linux.

Switched to pass from 1Password so I can use it everywhere. 1Password has been pushing the cloud version pretty hard, so it's probably only a matter of time before they deprecate the real app. This was painful. I had to hack apart the 1password2pass.rb file to handle my naming conventions, and of course the version of that script in the pass repo was out of date.

Got weechat up and running. I can communicate again.

Got offlineimap running, but didn't finish the syncing yet (I have a lot of mail).

Tore Roswell out of my lispindent and clhs scripts so it just builds with vanilla SBCL now. So much easier and less brittle.

Backlight support (specifically xbacklight) required editing xorg.conf as described in the Arch wiki. The backlight keys on the keyboard still don't work, but at least I can dim the screen.

xcape remains busted in stumpwm for now. Will debug later.


Getting VPN set up. Mostly used the network manager GUI to handle the settings. To disable saving of the password I had to click the silly little icon in the right of each password field.

Got my xrandr bullshit mostly tamed, thanks to some Lisp code from katco. It's really nice to be able to script my window manager to add hotkeys with Common Lisp.


More math review. I'm rusty.

More homework from the Prolog class. This time it was the classic Family Tree style exercise. Wasn't too tough, even though my Prolog is really rusty.

Still on OS X for personal stuff until the rest of the parts for my Linux/Windows machine arrive.


Math review.


Finished the Trains exercise for the Prolog class. It was harder than I expected — my Prolog skills definitely need work. But I guess that's what the class is for, right?

July 2018


The quest to make my new Linux machine usable continues. Finally managed to build Weechat from source after screwing around in dependency hell for a while (apparently there's no libgnutls30-dev for Ubuntu 18.04?). Also managed to get the sound coming out the right ports after some dark incantation with pactl. Not using Gnome as a WM apparently means I'm going to be perpetually confused about how to configure anything on this damn machine, I guess.

Catching up in the Prolog class. Thankfully tomorrow is a holiday so I can hopefully make some good progress there too.


Managed to get Weechat to work with Unicode support. I had installed libncursesw and reran cmake .. but apparently that wasn't enough, I had to fully blow away the build/ directory and redo the cmake from scratch to get it to link against libncursesw (rather than libncurses). What a shitshow. I really need to take a month off and write my own IRC client in CL.

Looked into an SBCL bug, but it turns out the standard is just kind of ambiguous, and the current behavior is probably fine.


Did the Prolog modules tutorial for the Prolog class. This made me really appreciate Common Lisp's package system... the Prolog module system seems really crufty in comparison.

Fixed a display issue for my blog, but I don't have Hugo set up on this machine yet, so it'll have to wait to be deployed.


Got mutt running on the new Linux machine. The quest to convert my dotfiles fully over to Linux continues.

Got ABCL, ECL, SBCL, and CCL all installed and working on the Linux machine. I had originally installed SBCL (for bootstrapping a new build of it) and StumpWM through the package manager and forgotten about them. This meant I had a /usr/share/common-lisp laying around which was getting loaded for other installs too, which borked a few things. I had to remove the old packages, blow away ~/.cache/common-lisp, and everything works now. ECL is still installed through the package manager, the rest aren't.

Started getting my Lisp test infrastructure up and running on the Linux box. Previously I used figlet and lolcat to print nice headers during the test runs. I don't want to install Ruby on this machine if possible, so I looked for a replacement for lolcat and found toilet, which includes the functionality of both. Great! Had to download the figlet contrib fonts manually, which was annoying (Homebrew on OS X did it automatically, but the Ubuntu package doesn't). Toilet's rainbows aren't as nice as lolcat's, but the tradeoff of not needing ruby is worth it.

Got Hugo installed on the Linux box and made a build of my site. I hope I didn't break anything. Made a couple of tweaks to fix a couple of issues I noticed in Firefox on Linux. Hand-compiled the LessCSS to avoid having to install NodeJS on the machine. Removed the timeago jQuery plugin -- the quest to exterminate all JS on my website continues.

Wrote a blog post. Will post it tomorrow.

Looked into why StumpWM's remove command is making the widths weird. Gotta dive in more when my mind is fresh.


Figured out why StumpWM wasn't noticing my timezone changes. I tracked it down to SBCL itself not noticing the timzeone changes — e.g. you can run (get-decoded-time), change your timezone, and run (get-decoded-time) again and SBCL will still return the old timezone until you restart it. Eventually I narrowed this down to get_timezone in SBCL's time.c, which uses localtime_r. The problem is that localtime and localtime_r don't check for a timezone change, you have to call tzset yourself, according to man 3 localtime. So the solution is to run (cffi:foreign-funcall "tzset") in your StumpWM process whenever you change your timezone.

Watched the Prolog class presentation from a couple days ago. I'm still a little bit behind, gotta hopefully catch up this weekend.


Got notmuch set up on the new box. Forgot how dang fast it is.


Got pass sharing sanely on my phone and desktop.


Installed the Arduino IDE on my desktop. The quest to switch fully to Linux continues.


Started setting up my new Yubikeys. The process is... not friendly. I'm mostly following this guide.


Finished setting up the Yubikeys. I think.

There's still a few fiddly bits -- handling multiple different Yubikeys seems like it's gonna take a bit of scripting grease, and I don't think there's a way to time out the PIN on the Yubikey after a certain amount of inactivity. I think this should mostly be alright, since the only one I'll leave plugged in is the Nano: that's plugged into my desktop monitor that I use for a KVM, so whenever I switch the computers or turn off the monitor it'll lock. I think that's a good enough mix of practicality and security for what I need.


Finally got around to fixing StumpWM's frame splitting/removing/balancing. Got a work-in-progress/proof-of-concept PR at https://github.com/stumpwm/stumpwm/pull/481

Debugged why my scrot keyboard shortcuts that work fine on Debian weren't working on my Ubuntu machine. It took a while because shell commands you run through StumpWM's key mappings have their output blackholed to god only knows where. Eventually I split the commands into a separate shell script and redirected all the output to a file (I should have done this much earlier), which let me see giblib complaining about the keyboard being busy. Once I found that error it led me to https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=86507 which shows a solution: add a sleep 0.2 before the call to scrot. Jesus.


Did some coding interview-style programming exercises. I'm rusty at this stuff.

Started writing a blog post. It's turning out to be longer than I expected it would be. By now I should expect this.


Cleaned up my Vim bundle folder. Removed a bunch of things I never use.

Figured out how to do wildcard blocking in uBlock. Again. Here's for my future self: the uBlock rule should look like ##[class^="prefix-"] or ##[class*="part"].