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June 2018


Rebooting this .plan after a long absence. Again.

More work on switching to Linux.

Switched to pass from 1Password so I can use it everywhere. 1Password has been pushing the cloud version pretty hard, so it's probably only a matter of time before they deprecate the real app. This was painful. I had to hack apart the 1password2pass.rb file to handle my naming conventions, and of course the version of that script in the pass repo was out of date.

Got weechat up and running. I can communicate again.

Got offlineimap running, but didn't finish the syncing yet (I have a lot of mail).

Tore Roswell out of my lispindent and clhs scripts so it just builds with vanilla SBCL now. So much easier and less brittle.

Backlight support (specifically xbacklight) required editing xorg.conf as described in the Arch wiki. The backlight keys on the keyboard still don't work, but at least I can dim the screen.

xcape remains busted in stumpwm for now. Will debug later.


Getting VPN set up. Mostly used the network manager GUI to handle the settings. To disable saving of the password I had to click the silly little icon in the right of each password field.

Got my xrandr bullshit mostly tamed, thanks to some Lisp code from katco. It's really nice to be able to script my window manager to add hotkeys with Common Lisp.


More math review. I'm rusty.

More homework from the Prolog class. This time it was the classic Family Tree style exercise. Wasn't too tough, even though my Prolog is really rusty.

Still on OS X for personal stuff until the rest of the parts for my Linux/Windows machine arrive.