Giovanni Lanzani  committed 7f80aa2

remove Delimiter, add texMathZone{V,X}

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File colors/badwolf.vim

 " Functions and variable declarations are orange, because plain looks weird.
 call s:HL('Identifier', 'orange', '', 'none')
 call s:HL('Function',   'orange', '', 'none')
-call s:HL('Delimiter',   'orange', '', 'none')
 " Preprocessor stuff is lime, to make it pop.
 call s:HL('texMathZoneC', 'orange', '', 'none')
 call s:HL('texMathZoneD', 'orange', '', 'none')
 call s:HL('texMathZoneE', 'orange', '', 'none')
+call s:HL('texMathZoneV', 'orange', '', 'none')
+call s:HL('texMathZoneX', 'orange', '', 'none')
 call s:HL('texMath', 'orange', '', 'none')
 call s:HL('texMathMatcher', 'orange', '', 'none')
 call s:HL('texRefLabel', 'dirtyblonde', '', 'none')