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The Caves of Clojure

The code for my Caves of Clojure series of blog posts.


Clone the repo.

Run lein deps to pull down deps.

Follow along with the entries by using tags:

hg update entry-06
git checkout entry-06

That will put you at the code as it stood right at the end of entry number six, so you can see how it all works together.

You can run the program by running lein trampoline run twice. No, I don't know why you need to do it twice -- you just do.

You can also just load it up in your Swank/Eclipse/whatever setup.


Copyright 2012 Steve Losh

Distributed under the MIT/X11 License.

Recent activity

Steve Losh

Commits by Steve Losh were pushed to sjl/caves

5724045 - Move creature creation into generation.clj. Suggested by Gery Debongnie.
Steve Losh

Commits by Steve Losh were pushed to sjl/caves

1a3a4f8 - Refactor the world code into separate files. This pulls out the world generation code into its own file. It was getting a bit crowded in ...
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