1. Steve Losh
  2. cram


cram / TODO.txt

* Implement -j flag, most likely using spawnv().

* Using spawnv() machinery, implement distributed testing.

* Be able to run the Mercurial test suite.

* Write cram plugins for other testing frameworks (nose, py.test,

* Windows support.

* Ability to specify test options/metadata inside a test.

* Setup/teardown support.

* Coverage integration.

* unittest integration.

* Support #!/usr/bin/env cram

* Two kinds of setup/teardown: for all tests or a group of tests, and
  for each test.

* Emacs mode.

* If a specific file is specified, it should be run even if it doesn't
  end .t (for tests embedded in docs). This might require making the
  indentation more flexible.

* On that note, make it possible to specify tests in Python doc
  strings (and similar things in other languages like Perl, Ruby,