1. Steve Losh
  2. django-hoptoad


django-hoptoad / hoptoad / __init__.py

from django.conf import settings
from itertools import ifilter

__version__ = 0.3
VERSION = __version__
NAME = "django-hoptoad"
URL = "http://sjl.bitbucket.org/django-hoptoad/"

def get_hoptoad_settings():
    hoptoad_settings = getattr(settings, 'HOPTOAD_SETTINGS', {})
    if not hoptoad_settings:
        # do some backward compatibility work to combine all hoptoad
        # settings in a dictionary
        # for every attribute that starts with hoptoad
        for attr in ifilter(lambda x: x.startswith('HOPTOAD'), dir(settings)):
            hoptoad_settings[attr] = getattr(settings, attr)
        if not hoptoad_settings:
            # there were no settings for hoptoad at all..
            # should probably log here
            raise MiddlewareNotUsed
    return hoptoad_settings