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 4d95cb18a3b420154ef978c53de1d2e692f8343d mercurial/templates
 64981213be2efd939e6e6e109e2b32c24e95fd95 vim/bundle/AnsiEsc.vim
 f183a345a0c10caed7684d07dabae33e007c7590 vim/bundle/ack
-b8e07a24e77d3bad16a89bde409f97ccc307486a vim/bundle/badwolf
+db3707cbd8706f4bb054959ecc5cee82ac45687b vim/bundle/badwolf
 8533fffd9fbb690dfc8e334f91a10c72e35a6dce vim/bundle/clam
 949adf73ae1a82c48cd951677c055bd38a30af99 vim/bundle/clojure-static
 dc349bb7d30f713d770fc1fa0fe209e6aab82dc8 vim/bundle/commentary
+#!/usr/bin/env bash
+set -e
+rlwrap sbcl --load ~/.quicklisp/setup.lisp "$@"
 set dictionary=/usr/share/dict/words
 set spellfile=~/.vim/custom-dictionary.utf-8.add
 set colorcolumn=+1
+" iTerm2 is currently slow as ball at rendering the nice unicode lines, so for
+" now I'll just use ascii pipes.  They're ugly but at least I won't want to kill
+" myself when trying to move around a file.
 set fillchars=diff:⣿,vert:│
+set fillchars=diff:⣿,vert:\|
 " Don't try to highlight lines longer than 800 characters.
 set synmaxcol=800
 augroup END
 " }}}
+" Common Lisp {{{
+augroup ft_commonlisp
+    au!
+    au FileType lisp RainbowParenthesesActivate
+    au syntax lisp RainbowParenthesesLoadRound
+    au syntax lisp RainbowParenthesesLoadSquare
+    au syntax lisp RainbowParenthesesLoadBraces
+    au FileType lisp silent! call TurnOnLispFolding()
+    au FileType lisp noremap <buffer> () :<c-u>call PareditWrap("(", ")")<cr>
+    au FileType lisp noremap <buffer> )( :<c-u>call PareditSplice()<cr>
+    au FileType lisp noremap <buffer> (( :<c-u>call PareditMoveLeft()<cr>
+    au FileType lisp noremap <buffer> )) :<c-u>call PareditMoveRight()<cr>
+    au FileType lisp noremap <buffer> (j :<c-u>call PareditJoin()<cr>
+    au FileType lisp noremap <buffer> (s :<c-u>call PareditSplit()<cr>
+    au FileType lisp noremap <buffer> )j :<c-u>call PareditJoin()<cr>
+    au FileType lisp noremap <buffer> )s :<c-u>call PareditSplit()<cr>
+    au FileType lisp noremap <buffer> [[ :<c-u>call PareditSmartJumpOpening(0)<cr>
+    au FileType lisp noremap <buffer> ]] :<c-u>call PareditSmartJumpClosing(0)<cr>
+    " ))
+    " Indent top-level form.
+    au FileType lisp nmap <buffer> <localleader>= mz99[(v%='z
+    " ])
+augroup END
+" }}}
 " Confluence {{{
 augroup ft_c
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