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 cd6aec27d127053d18bd2a12713137e41d054208 vim/bundle/python-mode
 613eb1c81261adfa5dead315089c432ff6dbbc51 vim/bundle/repeat
 61a7567a3cdd68cb65ceb3061071ce66d8110e65 vim/bundle/salt
-61d7f88407263a1a0362affa076d2b1143cccd72 vim/bundle/slimv
+af6e47368c031688cd50c10d4dc376be49ecb29f vim/bundle/slimv
 78ab4b3df24fa2753d3dfc1be75ed5a3df1565b8 vim/bundle/smartinput
 c6197a10ace82e0fe0c08e5cf5c017b7069a978e vim/bundle/sparkup
 22feac7bc42467a8b17c8b833bd24f36b02759a4 vim/bundle/splice
 alias paththis 'set PATH (pwd) $PATH'
 alias clc './bin/ | pbcopy'
-alias swank 'dtach -A /tmp/dtach-swank.sock -r winch lein swank'
+alias swank 'dtach -A /tmp/dtach-swank.sock -r winch lein ritz'
 alias ef 'vim ~/.config/fish/'
 alias ev 'vim ~/.vimrc'
 "     endif
 " endfunction
+function! s:DebullshitClojureStacktrace() " {{{
+    syntax match GarbageFrame '\v^ +\d+:.+:\d+ clojure\..+$'
+    syntax match GarbageFrame '\v^ +\d+:.+:\d+ swank\..+$'
+    hi link GarbageFrame Comment
+endfunction " }}}
+command! -nargs=0 DebullshitClojureStacktrace call s:DebullshitClojureStacktrace()
 augroup ft_clojure
 let g:slimv_preferred = 'clisp'
 " Use a swank command that works, and doesn't require new app windows.
-let g:slimv_swank_clojure = '!dtach -n /tmp/dtach-swank.sock -r winch lein swank'
+let g:slimv_swank_clojure = '!dtach -n /tmp/dtach-swank.sock -r winch lein ritz 4005'
+" let g:slimv_swank_clojure = '! xterm -e lein ritz 4005 &'
+let g:slimv_swank_clojure = '!false'
 " }}}}
 " Sparkup {{{