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Fuck You Complete Me

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  1. Steve Losh author

    I updated to Mavericks and since then have tried on like four different nights to get the damn thing installed.

    I've tried like every combination of homebrew/non-homebrew vim/macvim and python and it always either segfaults vim entirely (this is super fun because I can't even edit files then and I flail around in the shell like a baby deer on a frozen pond) or it spews endless streams of vimscript errors whenever I press a key (which has pretty much the same effect as the segfault).

    For a while I was mving the subrepo out of .vim on the mavericks machine so I could actually use Vim on my mavericks machine but could still use YCM on the one I have that's still on Mountain Lion. But then every time I wanted to commit to my dotfiles repo I had to move it back inside or Mercurial would complain. And as soon as I moved it back in Vim would start segfaulting, so I couldn't use it to edit the commit message or anything else, and I had to move it out again after the commit. It was basically a constant juggling act to be able to use my text editor.

    TL;DR: once it works it's great, but the install process is absolutely insane for a Vim plugin and I've spent enough of my time fighting it so I've just given up on it

Files changed (3)

 vim/bundle/tslime                = [git]git://
 vim/bundle/vitality              = [hg]
 vim/bundle/yankring              = [git]git://
-vim/bundle/you-complete-me       = [git]git://
 ae0c83fe45bcc34becc0e7f79ccc6d458a4274cf vim/bundle/tslime
 84365f56fc87c11f1f04eed487d256cf8b128f7c vim/bundle/vitality
 a884f3a161fa3cd8c996eb53a3d1c68631f60c21 vim/bundle/yankring
-18be5c254a48590b81dfc492ed15f36f11be8cd9 vim/bundle/you-complete-me
 " }}}
-" YouCompleteMe {{{
-let g:ycm_min_num_of_chars_for_completion = 4
-" let g:ycm_collect_identifiers_from_tags_files = 1
-let g:ycm_seed_identifiers_with_syntax = 1
-let g:ycm_filetype_blacklist = {
-      \ 'tagbar' : 1,
-      \ 'qf' : 1,
-      \ 'notes' : 1,
-      \ 'markdown' : 1,
-      \ 'unite' : 1,
-      \ 'text' : 1,
-      \ 'vimwiki' : 1,
-      \ 'pandoc' : 1,
-      \ 'clojure' : 1,
-      \}
-" }}}
 " }}}
 " Text objects ------------------------------------------------------------ {{{