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File bash_profile

 alias h='hg'
 alias g='git'
+alias pj='python -m json.tool'
 alias pbc='pbcopy'
 alias pbp='pbpaste'
 alias pbpb='pbp | pb'
 " Keep the cursor in place while joining lines
 nnoremap J mzJ`z
+" Join an entire paragraph.
+" Useful for writing GitHub comments in actual Markdown and then translating it
+" to their bastardized version of Markdown.
+nnoremap <leader>J mzvipJ`z
 " Split line (sister to [J]oin lines)
 " The normal use of S is covered by cc, so don't worry about shadowing it.
 nnoremap S i<cr><esc>^mwgk:silent! s/\v +$//<cr>:noh<cr>`w