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update syntastic

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 01e68795c7a14b97ec2ebbd70b0fcb42d1adac61 vim/bundle/splice
 6eec2c131213850ed65fd6da494dfd1a0d620a4e vim/bundle/strftimedammit
 1a73f607f8f5477d6942df2eb6e7245c4864f4d3 vim/bundle/surround
-0a7b21d6021a3a565db066e7b8f7f158c918037c vim/bundle/syntastic
+14cb306414dda411b1809a088e18eb2796030095 vim/bundle/syntastic
 2dee007ddae8156735cbae7f0cd4e0a24ba7287b vim/bundle/tslime
 84365f56fc87c11f1f04eed487d256cf8b128f7c vim/bundle/vitality
 a884f3a161fa3cd8c996eb53a3d1c68631f60c21 vim/bundle/yankring
 let g:syntastic_mode_map = {
             \ "mode": "active",
             \ "active_filetypes": [],
-            \ "passive_filetypes": ['java', 'html', 'rst', 'scala']
+            \ "passive_filetypes": ['java', 'html', 'rst']
             \ }
 let g:syntastic_stl_format = '[%E{%e Errors}%B{, }%W{%w Warnings}]'
 let g:syntastic_jsl_conf = '$HOME/.vim/jsl.conf'
+let g:syntastic_scala_checkers = ['fsc']
 nnoremap <leader>C :SyntasticCheck<cr>
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