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 26fbdd7d1f1aa5600d2ebf39bbdd292c38aac16e vim/bundle/strftimedammit
 1a73f607f8f5477d6942df2eb6e7245c4864f4d3 vim/bundle/surround
 14cb306414dda411b1809a088e18eb2796030095 vim/bundle/syntastic
-ae0c83fe45bcc34becc0e7f79ccc6d458a4274cf vim/bundle/tslime
+113b1f14a1fb92b9c026a71485c9ed402a2045f8 vim/bundle/tslime
 84365f56fc87c11f1f04eed487d256cf8b128f7c vim/bundle/vitality
 a884f3a161fa3cd8c996eb53a3d1c68631f60c21 vim/bundle/yankring
 18be5c254a48590b81dfc492ed15f36f11be8cd9 vim/bundle/you-complete-me

File gitignore

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File tmux/tmux.conf

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 bind -t vi-copy Escape cancel
 bind y run "tmux save-buffer - | reattach-to-user-namespace pbcopy"
+# Toggle synchronized panes for the current window
+bind S set synchronize-panes

File vim/vimrc

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     au FileType pgsql nnoremap <buffer> <silent> <localleader>e :let psql_tslime_view = winsaveview()<cr>vip"ry:call SendToTmux(@r)<cr>:call winrestview(psql_tslime_view)<cr>
 augroup END
+    " kill pager with q
+    au FileType pgsql nnoremap <buffer> <silent> <localleader>q :call SendToTmuxRaw("q")<cr>
 " }}}
 " Puppet {{{

File weechat/weechat.conf

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 day_change_message_2dates = "-- %%a, %%d %%b %%Y (%a, %d %b %Y) --"
 eat_newline_glitch = off
 highlight = "sjl,slosh,slj,clojerks"
-highlight_regex = "(^all[,:]|backend(ia)?[^s/]|red[- ]tape|steve ?losh|rob ford|(jesus )?fucking christ)"
+highlight_regex = "(^all[,:]|backend(ia)?[^s/]|red[- ]tape|steve ?losh|rob ford|(jesus )?fucking christ|bring me my [A-Za-z0-9_]+ (pant|breeche|kilt|skirt|short|jort|plort)s?)"
 highlight_tags = ""
 hotlist_add_buffer_if_away = on
 hotlist_buffer_separator = ", "