dotfiles / .hgsub

mercurial/hg-prompt       = [hg]
mercurial/histedit        = [hg]
mercurial/templates       = [hg]
vim/bundle/AnsiEsc.vim    = [git]git://
vim/bundle/ack            = [git]git://
vim/bundle/badwolf        = [hg]
vim/bundle/clam           = [hg]
vim/bundle/commentary     = [git]git://
vim/bundle/ctrlp          = [git]git://
vim/bundle/fugitive       = [git]git://
vim/bundle/gundo          = [hg]
vim/bundle/html5          = [git]git://
vim/bundle/indent-object  = [git]git://
vim/bundle/javascript     = [git]git://
vim/bundle/linediff       = [git]git://
vim/bundle/markdown       = [git]git://
vim/bundle/nerdtree       = [git]git://
vim/bundle/orgmode        = [git]git://
vim/bundle/powerline      = [git]git://
vim/bundle/python-mode    = [git]git://
vim/bundle/repeat         = [git]git://
vim/bundle/salt           = [git]git://
vim/bundle/slimv          = [hg]
vim/bundle/smartinput     = [git]git://
vim/bundle/sparkup        = [git]git://
vim/bundle/splice         = [hg]
vim/bundle/strftimedammit = [hg]
vim/bundle/supertab       = [git]git://
vim/bundle/surround       = [git]git://
vim/bundle/syntastic      = [git]git://
vim/bundle/tslime         = [git]git://
vim/bundle/vitality       = [hg]
vim/bundle/yankring       = [git]git://
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