dotfiles / vim / after / ftplugin / timl.tim

; These are all out here in the middle of goddamned nowhere because the TimL
; ftplugin won't you disable mappings like any other plugin.  Also this has to
; be a .tim file because the order of loading goes like this:
;   ftplugin/*.vim
;   after/ftplugin/*.vim
;   ftplugin/*.tim
;   after/ftplugin/*.tim
; Kill me.

(execute "silent! nunmap <buffer> cp")
(execute "silent! nunmap <buffer> cpp")
(execute "silent! nunmap <buffer> K")

; Eval fuck only knows what.  Toplevel/current form?
(execute "nnoremap <silent><buffer> <localleader>e :set opfunc=timl#interactive#eval_opfunc<CR>g@")

; Eval buffer
(execute "nnoremap <buffer> <localleader>b :w<cr>:source %<cr>")

; Man
(execute "nnoremap <buffer> M :execute 'help' ftplugin#timl#cursor_keyword()<CR>")

; R[E]PL
(execute "nnoremap <buffer> <localleader>E :TLrepl<CR>")