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Not ready yet. Do not use this.

Clojure templating that won't make you drink.

Dram is a Clojure templating library for Django/Jinja-like templates.

Not ready yet. Do not use this.


Don't yet.


Because I wasn't happy with any of the existing Clojure templating libraries.

Clostache and friends implement Mustache, which is a crippled templating library. It doesn't have template inheritance (without which I'd go crazy in the real world).

It also takes a very strict approach to having logic in templates (basically: "don't"). But sometimes you want logic in the templates, if it belongs there!

Hiccup is useless once you hire a frontend developer.

Frontend Dev: "Okay I'm ready to start, where's the HTML?"

Backend Dev: "It's produced by these files full of s-expressions, vectors, and hashes. There are even some API docs!"

Frontend Dev: "Did you just tell me to go fuck myself?"

Backend Dev: "I believe I did, Bob."

Enlive pushes logic into the Clojure layer where frontend developers can't effectively get at it. From my limited experience it also seems like you need to write a lot of custom Clojure code when you're using it, even for things as simple as for loops.

It might be great for teams where everyone knows Clojure. I dunno. It's pretty crazy. It's certainly not something your frontend developer is going to pick up in a week.

Django/Jinja-style templates are easy to learn for frontend developers and provide a good mix of power and simplicity.


Copyright 2012 Steve Losh and contributors.

Distributed under the MIT/X11 license.

Recent activity

Steve Losh

Commits by Steve Losh were pushed to sjl/dram

0d8ab5e - Add separated and separated1 and tests, and clean up with them.
Steve Losh

Commits by Steve Losh were pushed to sjl/dram

1bf8949 - Actually no you can't have whitespace around the pipe sorry.
Steve Losh

Commits by Steve Losh were pushed to sjl/dram

2a86296 - Add paths, and clean up the tests with a nice macro or two.
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