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turnstile: Go back to "help" instead of "purpose" to be consistent.

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File lib/gorilla/guts/

         'aliases': ['bootstrap'],
         'handler': _handle_init,
         'options': _options_init,
-        'purpose': 'initialize this gorilla installation',
+        'help': 'initialize this gorilla installation',
         'usage': '%s init',
     'home': {
         'aliases': [],
         'handler': _handle_home,
         'options': {},
-        'purpose': 'go to the home page',
+        'help': 'go to the home page',
         'usage': '%s home [PACKAGE]',
     'list': {
         'aliases': ['ls'],
         'handler': _handle_list,
         'options': {},
-        'purpose': 'list available packages',
+        'help': 'list available packages',
         'usage': '%s list',
     'search': {
         'aliases': ['find'],
         'handler': _handle_search,
         'options': _options_search,
-        'purpose': 'search for packages',
+        'help': 'search for packages',
         'usage': '%s search STRING [STRING ...]',
     'info': {
         'aliases': [],
         'handler': _handle_info,
         'options': {},
-        'purpose': 'show information about a package',
+        'help': 'show information about a package',
         'usage': '%s info [PACKAGE]',

File lib/gorilla/turnstile/

     command_width = max(map(len, interface.keys()))
     for name, command in sorted(interface.items()):
-        print '  %s  %s' % (name.ljust(command_width), command['purpose'])
+        print '  %s  %s' % (name.ljust(command_width), command['help'])
     print '\nUse \'%s help command\' for more information' % script
         'aliases': [],
         'handler': _handle_help,
         'options': {},
-        'purpose': 'get help for a specific command',
+        'help': 'get help for a specific command',
         'usage': '%s help [COMMAND]'