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The project needed a name, and it had to be catchy. People underestimate the importance of a good, easy-to-remember name.

Paul suggested it should be Monty Python -related, and I think the "Gorilla Librarian" sketch (YouTube) fits pretty well.

The "librarian" concept fits this project like a glove, since the tool will help manage your Python libraries.

Recipes for packages could be called "cards" and kept in a "catalog". The metaphor works and both are simple to type. "Card" conjures up an images of a small piece of paper that lets the librarian (or you, but we're lazy) go find your book and bring it to you, which is what this tool will do for Python libraries.

gorilla install <package> is fun to write too -- it's like you're commanding a gorilla. Who wouldn't enjoy that? Paul notes that the tab completion namespace for gorilla should be pretty uncluttered -- there's only one package that starts with "gor" in the Ubuntu repos.


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