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 I want to make something as elegant as Ruby's gems.  It doesn't need to handle the 5% of packages that require convoluted installations, but you should be able to:
-$ pp-f install mercurial
-$ pp-f install django --version 1.1
-$ pp-f install django --version bleeding-edge
-$ pp-f remove django
+$ gorilla install mercurial
+$ gorilla install django --version 1.1
+$ gorilla install django --version bleeding-edge
+$ gorilla remove django     # just remove the symlinks
+$ gorilla smash mercurial   # unlink AND get rid of the repo we cloned
 I really like [[|homebrew]]'s architecture and I think it would be cool to aim for something like that, except use hg/git repos instead of tarballs when possible.
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