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Issue #16 new

support more movement commands

Anonymous created an issue

It would be nice if more movement commands, like clicking the mouse or gg/G with a count, would work. Maybe you could use a cursormove autocmd to just make any movement command work?

Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous

    I'd find useful if there were some way of mirroring what happens when you undo and redo in the main buffer.

    (unrelated: <count>G jumps to <count> line.)

  2. Denilson Sá

    Double-clicking with the mouse applies the change. However, single-clicking does nothing, while I expected it would update the preview pane.

    Single-click should behave just like arrow keys (moving the cursor and updating the preview pane), while double-click already behaves like Enter (going back to that change).

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