Gundo wreaks havoc with WinEnter WinLeave events, or window size.

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I'd stuck a couple lines in my vimrc to automatically resize a vertically split window when switching to it. That way, I could have a reasonable font size on my crappy monitor and still have my .cpp's and .h's side by side.

But I've since had to modify my mappings to mostly disable this behavior while a Gundo window is open. Even then, Gundo usually resizes the left-most window to as wide as possible, even if the pertinent window is to the right. This might still be my own script doing a couple things right before the "Gundo" buffer has actually loaded.

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  1. Tim Holt

    Perhaps I should elaborate. After attempting to automatically lock the width of the Gundo buffer in parallel with my auto-resize, I soon came to realize that Gundo was doing things in the background that seemed either to be resizing automatically or to be tripping WinEnter/WinLeave events willy nilly.

    And I've just double-checked: all my resizing code is disabled in the presence of a Gundo window in the same tabpage, but it's still the Leftmost window that expands, drowning out all to the right.

    And perhaps this should be another bug report, but vim sometimes runs real slow within the particular tabpage I have run Gundo in, even after toggling it closed. I think it usually happens when I have a particularly deep undo tree. Going to other tabs, or closing the tab and recreating it fixes the problem. Should this be another post?

    I'm sure this doesn't matter, but I am running Vim 7.3 under Windows 7.

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