feature request: open vimdiff of current buffer with selected version

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Similar to :DiffOrig command or the 'D' mapping in histwin.vim, I want to have the ability to open a scratch buffer with the contents at the selected version, and go into Vim's diff mode between the buffer and that scratch buffer.

This would be most useful if you could have it launch the diff in a new tab page (probably with an option since a lot of people don't like tab pages), so as not to screw up the layout/options of the current tabpage and window, and so that you can see the two versions better.

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  1. Dane Summers

    I've made several fixes for this plugin, including:

    I'm in the process of trying to get a pull request accepted...but its been about a week w/o any response from the author - if you want to try out the plugin with your change request you can do so on my branch.

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