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Show changes that were saved onto disk

created an issue

I would just copy my feature request and your answer here:

Hi Steve.

Thanks a lot for your job on Gundo, it is extremely useful.

But i have a feature request for you, if it possible: i would like to see in changes tree what changes was saved onto disk. Or, at least, the latest saved one. Is it possible? It would be even more useful !

Hmm, it looks like there's a save_last attribute to Vim's undotree() that would make this pretty easy to add. Can you add an issue to the issue tracker and I'll add it when I get a chance?

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  1. Dane Summers

    I've made several fixes for this plugin, including:

    I'm in the process of trying to get a pull request accepted...but its been about a week w/o any response from the author - if you want to try out the plugin with your change request you can do so on my branch.

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