Kevin Bullock committed efbee27

mq: clean up unused variable in qrefresh

Removes the unused variable `aa2` that holds the list of deleted files
returned from repo.status().

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             # and then commit.
             # this should really read:
-            #   mm, dd, aa, aa2 = repo.status(tip, patchparent)[:4]
+            #   mm, dd, aa = repo.status(top, patchparent)[:4]
             # but we do it backwards to take advantage of manifest/chlog
             # caching against the next repo.status call
-            mm, aa, dd, aa2 = repo.status(patchparent, top)[:4]
+            mm, aa, dd = repo.status(patchparent, top)[:3]
             changes =
             man =[0])
             aaa = aa[:]
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