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More cleanup.

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     <a href="" title="Mercurial">hg</a>
-    <a href="{url}summary{sessionvars%urlparameter}">{repo|escape}</a> / summary
+<div id="page-header">
+    <a href="{url}summary{sessionvars%urlparameter}">{repo|escape}</a>
 <form id="repo-search" action="{url}log">
-<ol class="info-list">
+<h1>Repository Summary</h1>
+<ul class="info-list">
         <span class="key">Description:</span>
         <span class="value">{desc}</span>
         <span class="key">Last change:</span>
         <span class="value">{lastchange|rfc822date}</span>
 <h2><a href="{url}shortlog{sessionvars%urlparameter}">Recent Changes</a></h2>
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