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-*- markdown -*-


hg-paste adds an `hg paste` command to Mercurial which can send diffs to
various pastebin websites for easy sharing.

It was inspired by [Pocoo][]'s [hgpaste][pocoopaste] extension, but is designed
to work with public and private pastebin websites instead of only private
installations of [LodgeIt][].



Clone the repository:

    hg clone

Edit the `[extensions]` section in your `~/.hgrc` file:

    paste = (path to)/hg-paste/

Using the Command

To paste a diff of all uncommitted changes in the working directory:

    hg paste

To paste the changes that revision `REV` made:

    hg paste -r REV

To paste the changes between revisions `REV1` and `REV2`:

    hg paste -r REV1:REV2

If any files are specified only those files will be included in the diffs.

Several options can be used to specify more metadata about the paste:

    hg paste --user Steve --title 'Progress on feature X' --keep

The pastebin website to use can be specified with `--dest`.

Currently supported pastebins:

- [](
- [](
- []( (old by Paul Dixon)
- [](
- Probably any [LodgeIt]( based pastebin
- Probably any [django-paste]( based pastebin

Hints and tips

Change the default pastebin

    paste = --dest

Paste the last applied patch on the queue

    hg paste -r qtip

And its handy alias:

    qpaste = paste -r qtip

Alias to paste to an intranet pastebin

    ipaste = paste --dest --url --httpauth user:pass

Or use [~/.netrc]( if you don't like plain
plasswords in your ~/.hgrc

    ipaste = paste --dest --url --usenetrc

Questions, Comments, Suggestions

If you find any bugs, please create an issue in the [issue tracker][issues].

If you want to contribute (support for more pastebin websites would be great),
fork the [repository][] on BitBucket and send a pull request.