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add lodgeit pastebins support pasting to by default

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         'expiry': 'f' if keep else 'm',
+def _paste_lodgeit(content, syntax, private, **kw):
+    data = {'code': content, 'language': syntax or 'diff'}
+    if private: data['private'] = 'on'
+    return ('', data)
 def _paste(handler, content, opts):
     default_url, data = handler(content, **opts)
     url = opts['url'] or default_url
                            'username configured for Mercurial)'),
         ('k', 'keep', False, 'specify that the pastebin should keep the paste '
                              'for as long as possible (optional)'),
+        ('p', 'private', False, 'specify that the pastebin should mark a'
+                             'paste as private if possible (optional)'),
         ('',  'dry-run', False, 'do not paste to the pastebin'),
         ('',  'url', '', 'perform request against this url'),
         ('',  'httpauth', '', 'http authorization (user:pass)'),
         supported metadata options: --keep, --user --syntax
+    lodgeit
+        website:
+        supported metadata options: --syntax, --private