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 various pastebin websites for easy sharing.
 It was inspired by [Pocoo][]'s [hgpaste][pocoopaste] extension, but is designed
-to work with public pastebin websites instead of private installations of
+to work with public and private pastebin websites instead of only private
+installations of [LodgeIt][].
 [Pocoo]: http://www.pocoo.org/
 [pocoopaste]: http://dev.pocoo.org/hg/hgpaste/
 The pastebin website to use can be specified with `--dest`.
 Currently supported pastebins:
-* [dpaste.com](http://dpaste.com/)
-* [dpaste.org](http://dpaste.org)
-* [pastebin.dixo.net](http://pastebin.dixo.net)
+- [dpaste.com](http://dpaste.com/)
+- [dpaste.org](http://dpaste.org)
+- [pastebin.dixo.net](http://pastebin.dixo.net) (old pastebin.com by Paul Dixon)
+- [paste.pocoo.org](http://paste.pocoo.org)
+- Probably any [LodgeIt](http://dev.pocoo.org/projects/lodgeit/) based pastebin
+- Probably any [django-paste](http://github.com/bartTC/django-paste) based pastebin
 Hints and tips