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#!/bin/sh --

# Build a mutt release.
# This used to be part of the main Makefile, but is better handled
# by a shell script.
# Note that this script won't work for you.  I'm including it with 
# the distribution for the sake of completeness.
# Thomas Roessler <> Mon,  8 Nov 1999 22:32:41 +0100

set -e

devel="devel/"	# uncomment for the stable branch

# update the source

cvs update

# bump the version number, and calculate the tags

rm -f VERSION 
cvs update VERSION 
OTAG="mutt-`echo $OVERSION | tr . -`-rel" 

echo $OVERSION | awk -F . '{printf("%d.%d.%d\n", $$1, $$2, $$3 + 1);}' > VERSION 

TAG="mutt-`echo $VERSION | tr . -`-rel" 

echo 'const char *ReleaseDate = "'`date +%Y-%m-%d`'";' > reldate.h

rcs2log | cat - ChangeLog > ChangeLog.$$ && mv ChangeLog.$$ ChangeLog
${VISUAL} ChangeLog

# now, prepare the distribution tar balls

make config.status
make update-doc

# build them

make us-dist
make dist
mv mutt-${VERSION}.tar.gz mutt-${VERSION}i.tar.gz
mv mutt-${VERSION}-us.tar.gz mutt-${VERSION}.tar.gz

# commit and tag the release

cvs commit -m "automatic post-release commit for mutt-${VERSION}"
cvs tag ${TAG}

# build the diff between the two releases

cvs rdiff -u -r ${OTAG} -r ${TAG} mutt | gzip -9 \
	> diff-${OVERSION}i-${VERSION}i.gz

# sign the various files

DISTFILES="mutt-${VERSION}.tar.gz mutt-${VERSION}i.tar.gz diff-${OVERSION}i-${VERSION}i.gz"

for f in $DISTFILES; do
	pgp -sb $f
	chmod 644 $f.asc

# upload the source

echo pon
for f in $DISTFILES ; do
	echo scp $f${devel}

cvs update

# Finally, announce the new mutt to the public

mutt -s "[Announce] mutt-${VERSION} is out"