Provide hg review push/pull commands?

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Michael Forbes
created an issue

Would it be possible to make commands {{{hg review push}}} and {{{hg review pull}}} etc. that work in the review repository, but which can be issued from the top level?

Also, there are a couple of things that confused me when I first started using this:

{{{hg review --init --remote-path REPO}}} should probably add a {{{[paths]}}} section to {{{.hg/review/.hg/hgrc}}} with {{{default = REPO}}}. This happens if If {{{REPO}}} exists (and maybe only if it has information?) but arguably should also happen if {{{REPO}}} does not.

I initialized offline, and since no {{{default}}} was set, the UI did not have the {{{push to default}}} or {{{pull from default}}} buttons. Perhaps the UI and documentation could mention that {{{default}}} should be set.