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Issue #86 new

Show comment and signoff statistics for a set of revisions

Oben Sonne
created an issue

Prior making a release of a project, it would be nice to know the general review status of all changesets contributing to the upcoming release (e.g. all changesets since the last release tag). For instance to check if all changesets have been signed off with a //yes// or //neutral//.

I could think of a command like this: {{{ $ hg review --stats -r v0.9:tip signoff: 5 yes, 3 no, 1 neutral, 4 unsigned comments: 12 comments on 8 of 13 changesets }}} Here the {{{-r}}} would allow to define //revsets//. Of course the output probably could be made more useful, i.e. make it easier to parse programatically - for now I just wanted to communicate the general idea.

If I find the time I'll have a try to work on this. Any comments on the idea?

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